The following 9 steps are the “normal” steps we take from start to finish.

Sometimes the order changes slightly and many times the steps are combined. Regardless, we always try to make the process as easy and as transparent as possible.

Get Your Free CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)
This will help to determine the Market Value of your home. Talk to your agent about the CMA and determine if the agent is a good fit for you and your situation.

On-site Consultation
Your agent will perform an on-site analysis of your home to fine tune the CMA and discuss how they will market and get your house sold. They will discuss all the ways to make your house more marketable.

Sign Listing and Legal Documents
Your agent will thoroughly go through all documentation and answer any questions you have prior to you signing anything. There are many documents and disclosures that may need to be completed and your agent will discuss each of them in detail.

Photography and Virtual Tour
Your agent will take pictures of your house, including interior and exterior pictures. They will also create a Virtual Tour of your house. The quality of pictures and the virtual tour greatly depend on the condition of the house, so we may suggest a few hints to make your house photo-ready.

Signs and Lockbox
Your agent will install both a sign and a lockbox on your house. You will have the flexibility to allow or deny access to your home through the lockbox, so make sure you discuss this with your agent. Things such as kids, pets, work schedules, etc. really make a difference on when and how you show your house.

MLS Entry
Your house and all pertinent information will be entered into the MLS. This makes your house officially on the market. In addition, the MLS will syndicate your listing to thousands of other websites like Zillow, Trulia, and so anybody in the world looking to find a house like yours, can find yours!

Offers and Negotiations
All offers will be presented to you as soon as they come in. Your agent will discuss all your options including accepting the offer, countering the offer, or declining the offer. Although the ultimate decision is yours, your agent will give you their best advice and handle all the negotiating for you.

Under Contract
Once an offer has been accepted your agent to ensure all the paperwork is in order and the process continues to move smoothly through the cycle. Your agent will deal with any inspections, repairs, appraisals, and title work that needs to be completed. Your agent will forward all documentation to the title company to prepare the final documents that you will need to sign to complete the transaction.

Closing, Funding, and Recording
Once all the title and bank paperwork is completed, it’s time to close the deal. Your agent will explain all the closing documents and set up a date and time to sign all the final documents (Closing). Once both parties to the transaction have signed and money has been exchanged (Funded), your house will taken out of your name and put into the new buyer’s name (Recorded). The proceeds from the sale are deposited into your account and that’s it, you just sold your home with 9 easy steps and saved THOUSAND of dollars with 208 Flat Fee!

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